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Republic of Salmagundi

This is the home of Max Ratnarathorn, freelance graphic designer, illustrator, chef, miniaturist, & collector of useless trivia like what is the only edible orchid.

Whatever your visual communication need, I'll help get your message out in a concise, unique and memorable way.

3 years at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
9 years as an interactive designer in a corporate cubicle, 7 years as co-owner of a web design company, 6 months as a hotel restaurant chef, 4 years as a personal chef. I have many interesting skills.

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Autumn, part of a seasonal series


LEFT: Autumn, part of a seasonal series

BELOW: Storm's Passing, Hancock Shaker Village, note card

Storm's Passing

BELOW: Sydney Opera House, spot art

Sydney Opera House


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Berkshire Books 2013 calendar, painting by Fern Apfel

Berkshire Books Calendar

Rules for Doing Good, based on an 1882 Shaker broadside. Also available as a T-shirt.

Rules for Doing Good Poster

Hancock Shaker Village:
View from the Southeast,
First Snow

View from the Southeast

First Snow

TCI online

TCI Online


Village of Corinth, NY

Village of Corinth


My Jewish Learning

My Jewish Learning

Goto Replay, instant replay company

Goto Replay


Powers Music School

Powers logo


Black Sheep Restaurant at the Kendall Hotel

Black Sheep logo


A private club, the symbol is a cherry blossom.

Sakura logo


Untangled Web, professional organizer

Untangled Web logo

The rocking chair is the most recognizable of all Shaker furniture pieces. Each of my chair is individually handmade by me. It is based on the #5 rocker in old Shaker chair catalogs and is reproduced in 1/12" scale.

2 1/8" inches wide (54 cm)
2 5/8" inches deep (67 cm)
3 6/8" inches high (95 cm)

$60.00 each

Victorian kitchen table, custom made for a dollhouse.

Victorian kitchen table

Shaker low-back dining chairs are meant to be slid under the table after the meal.

Low-back dining chairs

Rocker, dark finishRocker, light finish, blue yellow seatRocker, light finish, burgundy cream seat
Rocker, brown green seatrocking chair, antique cherry finish, brown blue seatlight finish, red black seat

My experience as a chef has been enjoyable and invaluable. Here are a few of my creations.

Grilled Striped Sea Bass on Buckwheat Risotto with Scallion Oil and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Sea Bass

Pomegranate Rock Cornish Hen with Garlic Sweet Potato Hash and Asian Mango Chutney

Pomegranate Hen

Clams with Chili and Sweet Basil

Clam with Basil

Japanese erotica and sex culture is a fascinating subject. I much admire the works of Nobuyoshi Araki, Hajime Sorayama and Toshio Saeki. This piece was partly inspired by that world.

A Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat) is a charm thought to bring luck and fortune. It has its paw raised in Maneki Nekothe Japanese beckoning gesture. It can be found in every storefront. Its image is on everything from candy wrappers to television ads.

Lucky Pussy
Hanging Scroll
measuring 1.5 ft. by 3 ft.
giclée print on scrim vinyl

Lucky Pussy

Max's chop What is the only edible orchid? Vanilla.
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